Sunday, 26 January 2014

OOP344 FieldLen Not Zero

Between trying to figure out void pointers and the assignment, I'm quite a bit lost in C++. Partly because we've not discussed enough in class, partly because the scope of the assignment is way beyond anything I've done up to this point
After going over what the function is meant to do, I started writing some pseudo code/code in comment for the display function.

Something along these lines:

//if fieldLen !=0, blank the rest of the line
// for(int i = 0; i < fieldLen; i++)
// {
// cio::console.setCharacter('\0');
// cio::console.setPosition(row, col + i);
// cio::console.drawCharacter();
// }

 //If the cursor is in the last column position in a row, move it down a single row underneath the final
//if(the aren't any columns left)
// cio::console.setPosition(row + 1, col);

I get the feeling the fieldLen is closer to correct than not, but still don't understand what I'm trying to do well enough to compile and check.

Edit is still blank at this point. Want to finish more of display first.

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