Saturday, 1 February 2014

OOP344 Macros Workshop

So it seems swapping int's and doubles using macros or simple, me-defined functions doesn't really change too much in terms of processing time. There is of course the possibility that I screwed up in the macro version and forgot to add something to it to speed things up, but for the most part, both version of the code process in about the same amount of time, 5 seconds and change.

my hand written function's processing time for 1 billion swaps
There we can see, nearly six seconds for swapping integers.
Macro time to swap 1 billion times
It makes sense, to me at least, that using a #define macro to do the swapping instead of writing the entire function out in long form wouldn't change the times too drastically.

I mean, a #define is only going to be pasted into the main (in this case) when called, and nothing more.

It is a little comforting that the times seem to make more sense - with double's taking a slight amount longer to process than the int's, which was the reverse of my function. I do of course leave the door open that I'm completely wrong in my coding. It was also weird to go back and write code in C style after a full semester of C++ changing everything to classes. I much prefer classes but didn't feel something this size required it.

Macro code

My function

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