Friday, 21 February 2014

SPO600 - And now the package picking begins

So it seems I've landed myself lightspark, a free, open source Flash alternative and mediatomb, a plug and play media streaming app.

Media Tomb, which did not take an arm (ahem..) and a leg to get the source files for, uses assembly in two places that I can see, and they don't seem to be used elsewhere in the program at all (or at least outside of documentation).

The assembley is inline and looks a bit like this:
#ifdef ATOMIC_X86_SMP
    #ifdef ATOMIC_X86
        #error ATOMIC_X86_SMP and ATOMIC_X86 are defined at the same time!
    #define ASM_LOCK "lock; "

#ifdef ATOMIC_X86
    #define ASM_LOCK

#if defined(ATOMIC_X86_SMP) || defined(ATOMIC_X86)
    #define ATOMIC_DEFINED
    static inline void atomic_inc(mt_atomic_t *at)
        __asm__ __volatile__(
            ASM_LOCK "incl %0"
            :"=m" (at->x)
            :"m" (at->x)

If I'm reading this correctly, and there is a big chance I'm not, it's saying 'use this assembly only if you're using an x86 processor', otherwise, don't (more or less).

Lightspark however, has a lot more assembly for x86 working with video files, Chris and I looked at this, and determined that it had nearly 120 lines of the stuff and not only that, it uses NASM, an x86-only assembly compiler. However, it also appears that it should be rather straight forward to at least attempt to port to aarch64 assembly, if not try to get some C variations in there. Or at least see if there are C falls backs for that (I don't have the Lightspark code in front of me, so excuse the lack of examples for it.

Media Tomb should be a lot less work in terms of practical coding, Lightspark will likely take more time, but we'll see if the work is doable in the timeframe for this project.

I will be honest, I chose these two, for now at least, because they were both 0 on our list, and I didn't want to stray too far from my comfort zone,Lightspark is a flash alternative, and that is ALWAYS a plus in my mind. The less adobe I can put on a machine of any kind, the better. And a small media server app that isn't XBMC is good too, since somehow that thing has become all-pervasive. If Lightspark ends up being too much work, I may end up passing on it and moving on to a new package.

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