Monday, 3 March 2014

SPO600 Roadmap - Mediatomb, Lightspark, sanity

Who knew? I most definitely did not. After running into seemingly every possible problem with mediatomb I could, ./configure errors, make errors, I decided to leave it on the back burner for a day and try to get lightspark to build on x86, especially after Chris and I had talked about it for nearly an hour. Even worse. It seems the code is calling a header that is not up to date with where ffmpeg install certain header files, and I've yet to hear back from the dev team. That feeling in the pit of my stomach grows ever worse.

I've spent the past hour googling for various libav build dependencies (after the rather large list of dependencies from their own wiki requires google-fu). Searching 'fedora yum install <package name>' comes in REALLY handy for finding out actual package names when yum search fails on its own. Still, no luck libav causes headaches for a few other packages, but nothing helps my situation with lightspark any. Lovely. So hey, here's a thought, try medaitomb again. I mean, I can't feel any worse.

So I rebuild the configuration file. Yep, same old terminal output. Now to the usual fail of make... or so I thought! Somehow in the crazed state getting all the package dependencies for Lightspark, I managed to solve my mediatomb problem (me thinks ffmpeg was involved) and make ran! Not only did make uh make, but it also installed! I nearly jumped out of my chair. This excitement was tempered somewhat knowing I may have annoyed the crap out of the one developer involved with maintaining the code who I had been talking to and brought up the previous error with.

So to recap where I am:

mediatomb - works on x86 no problem (well, now). I'm going to continue talking with the community about what may be required for ARM64 implementation aside from converting/porting a few lines of x86 atomics to C or aarch64 assembly respectively. With a little more research into inline assembly, this shouldn't be too difficult a task to tackle and I look forward to jumping into the guts of the code vi editor in hand. I could have a test up by next week if all goes well.

As far as Lightspark goes, I've reached out to the community about both ARM64 and that make error that's preventing me from completing a successful build (and maintaining stress levels). But I'm unsure of where that sits. I've looked into another package or two, but I'll hold off a day or so and give the mailing list a change to get back to me. Another possibility has been brought to my attention from classmate Nick, that being the possibility of working on a more difficult package (a 2 on the scale), which Chris has apparently given tentative thumbs up to. If Lightspark falls through, I would gladly jump at such an opportunity to share in the pain that is Assembly coding and Linux package building.

--note --
I'll add in a picture or two of mediatomb in action/configuring or lightspark failing soon. 2am is too late to be swapping images around on this blog.

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