Wednesday, 16 April 2014

For For The Win 3 or how I got fftw3 installed on qemu

So, as I mentioned in an early blog post, fftw3 is required for Rubberband to operate and install smoothly on Linux, but v3 does not exist on the yum repository. What is a person to do!?

Well, I went ahead and grabbed the aarch64 compatible rpm source from rpmfind (as well as the fftw3-libs long and single sources), and ftp'd the files into my directory on Ireland in both x86 and arm64.

So while I cannot definitively say "yes" to fftw3 working on arm64 at the moment (all of the files installed properly at the very least), all the issues with x86 are out of the way, and the one hanging thread of a dependency on arm64 is but a tar unpack/install away from also being as such. Again, I went to work porting code, since that seemed of more pressing interest to the sake of this blog/course.

Of course running / still gives me this:
Checking basic compilation tools ...

    pkg-config: found.
    autoconf: found.
    aclocal: found.
    automake: found.
    libtool: found.
    gettext: found.
You do not have autopoint correctly installed. You cannot build SooperLooper without this tool.

No matter how many times I've gone back and made sure those particular files/packages are installed on arm64.

The code is more important...

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