Sunday, 6 April 2014

Sooper [dooper] looper! draft

So I've picked Sooper looper to work with mainly because I a) got a response from a member of the community (the main developer I believe), and b)said developer (Jesse) has been quite helpful in helping me solve issues with building the x86 version. In this case, I had to rewrite a couple lines of code, both relating to the wxWidgets dependency package. Code examples below.

This particular error:
gui_app.cpp:308:18: error: invalid conversion from ‘const char*’ to ‘wxChar {aka wchar_t}’ [-fpermissive]
if (_host == "" && _never_spawn) {

Needed to altered ever so slightly to:

if (_host == wxT("") && _never_spawn).

gui_app.cpp: In member function ‘virtual bool SooperLooperGui::GuiApp::
OnInit()’ :
gui_app.cpp:250:38: error: ‘SetAppDisplayName’ was not declared in this scope
Needed to changed to:
 #if wxCHECK_VERSION(2,9,0)
#endif, simply because wXWidgets has new features that old versions do not support.

I went straight from contacting Jesse to trying to build, without a thorough look at the code, so it may be a disaster (again), but I'm going to find out quicker if it builds on arm64 now and jump to libmad if that is the case.

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