Friday, 28 March 2014

A view to code... Hopefully

So, it would seem the libmad community is all but dead, the last release of the package itself being a decade ago. It seems to have plenty of assembly to work with, thoug that's from at best a cursory glance. i haven't tried to build it on x86 or arm64 yet. That will be today's task.

Sooperlooper has a more active community, in fact the dev got back to me rather quickly, but the news was  that "SooperLooper doesn't use any x86 specific code so it won't be the holdup. The 3rd party dependencies should be OK as well, as far as I know!"

I wasn't able to dig into the code too far, so I don't know if that means what it meant for mediatomb (aka this will build already), or if that means it should be pretty easy to work over and run on aarch64 with a few tweaks. Again, today.They both have the same amount of code in them, more or less, so it's going to be whichever I can dig into quickest, and since sooperlooper is still active, that may help a lot.

This is going to be an emergency landing, with a real bumpy ride getting there.

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