Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Swing and a miss - strikes left

First attempt at a different package from the list, got a hold of someone from the community, and the files that have the ASM aren't compiled, so there's no need to change the asm/port it to aarch64.
Well so much for that. Frysk is way too much to tackle in the amount of time left. Libmad and/or sooperlooper however look more promising, few files, not a lot of asm to switch over. Just need to hear back from either community, as sooperlooper doesn't build on x86 and that'll make aarch64 nearly impossible. (missing headers), and libmad seems to have died as a thing nearly a decade ago.

Still it's mostly atomics in Sooperlooper and some performance in libmad. Not too hard to at least port.
Still trekking forward. Much thanks to Chris for floating the goal posts on this one yesterday morning.

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