Tuesday, 18 March 2014

And now something completely unemulated

So part of this weeks blog post is meant to deal with installing and running a different ARM64 emulator and testing the time and performance of our packages (at a point farther along than I am to be honest). And while 13gb's isn't something I normally throw around for just any file, but for the Foundation emulator I'll make an exception.

Everything went swimmingly, until of course, like all things in life, it no longer did. In this case the emulator ended up not running.

As I've never used this particular piece of software before, I have no idea why those devices aren't being found and the Foundation binary isn't being executed. I think I'll be firing off an email to Chris about this in the mean time unless someone, anyone other there in the wide world web can point to my stupidity and say "that's where you went wrong", which I would love at this point.

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