Friday, 21 March 2014

Death of a Laptop

So Chris, taking some class time (this class must have been scheduled as a 'Intro To', only way to explain some of it) has solved at least a few of my issues, and a few from around the class.

It has become all too clear to me, Chris, and every one else in the room that this laptop is not capable of carrying on the heavy lifting. So I now have access to australia and can do aarch64 testing/work/etc on there, and can leave both Chris Markieta and Chris Tyler alone (so long as the Foundation model is installed on there already. I dont want to sftp a 13-16gb image file onto from anywhere unless it's over a cross over cable and i'm sitting at the machine itself.

So with that, today I will do my damndest to build mediatomb on arm64 and test the crap out of it. Well, in so far as I can get the dependencies installed. Oi.

I even got this hunk of junk to display on the monitors in class, albiet I had to actually look at the monitors on the wall to see what I was doing because the screen is too small to display to both properly. Oh and we found an ML language in one of the packages. To that student, I say goodluck.

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